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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I did it!

My morning started at 6am with a slice of Ezekiel bread, a banana & some almond butter. I met Lee & Rob in Rye and off we went! What a fun pre-race! Disco music, bands all over and people everywhere! Everyone was so happy and just in the moment! I was beside myself! I can't believe I actually did this! I am soooo proud of myself! ALl four of us were just hanging out and relaxing on this most GORGEOUS sunny Saturday!

CORONA, N.Y. – More than 2,500 runners were registered for the inaugural 13.1 Marathon New York today,  Saturday, April 3 at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. The race will benefit World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

at this moment, my heart is pumping!!!!


here we are waiting at the start!

The half marathon began at 9:13 AM in front of Arthur Ashe Stadium, which plays hosts to the annual U.S. Open Tennis championships.

The race course winds through the park passing the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Wildlife Center, and the Unisphere.  At the southern end, the course loops around Meadow Lake, returns back into the park for a second loop and finishes in the shadow of the Unisphere.

and I am off!

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me

If you look close you will see me sprinting down the bridge! I am not sure which mile mark this is....

and here I go! When I got to the bottom of the bridge, I saw Lee & Denise and just smiled!

When I hit my 8 mile mark, I started to feel my right hip flexor tighten up, but I just kept thinking "Pain is weakness leaving the body". We went up over a bridge and the tightness wouldn't let up causing me to slow down my pace dramatically. I held out. From there, I would do sprints, and then take it back down. I did that until I hit 10 miles where I just looked at my palm and what I wrote, looked up and asked God to gently push me and give me some strength to finish.  
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Along the race, it warmed my heart to see so many spectators cheering for loved ones, and strangers! The people who donated their time to pass water to the runners, and seeing some people even holding up signs! Such a feeling of support. Hearing the cheering really does motivate you to push harder. Lord knows I NEVER pushed myself like this! There were parts of the run where you wouldn't see any spectators so it was kind of quiet, but when you did see a swarm of them, I amped up my run boy! Seeing my two amazing friends Lee & Denise there and cheering for me felt so great! I was sad that Mario couldn't come. Owning a business unfortunately that comes first. But I knew he was thinking of me.

The Unisphere

This picture is GREAT! I hit the 13 mile mark, and you can see me looking for the finish line, boy did that feel like it was so far away!!!! 
Where is the finish line!

My friend and client Lee Robbins also came to take pictures and support me! I thought that was soo thoughtful of her to do this! She has two small boys at home and so to take time away from them really meant a lot to me! Lee is also an amazing photographer who did my wedding pics so I know when she sends me the marathon pics, I will be just as happy! Lee if you are reading this.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! You are such a great friend to me!

When I crossed that finish line and saw my friend Lee, I stopped, kissed her face, walked and cried as I put my medal around my neck! I had a bundle of emotions right in a split second! I finished my first 1/2 marathon in 2 hours & 40 seconds!


Rob was a great partner although he kicked my ass and beat me by 4 minutes, I would race with him any day! 

When I crossed the finish line, Lee was the first person I saw....I stopped, kissed her face and kept walking because if I stopped, my hip flexors would have snapped... I grabbed a water and my medal! Once I put the medal on my face, I started to cry. I was so filled with emotion & pain, but it was soooo worth it!. 

Denise then came over, and I just grabbed her!!!!!! What an amazing group I had with me today! I saw Rob walk over as I was ready to plop my ass on the ground and stretch! We all hugged smiled said our goodbyes, and my girl Denise took me into Manhattan to an amazing Vegetarian restaurant for some refueling! I sported my medal! YES I DID!
13.1 miles- 2 hours!
This was a GREAT DAY with GREAT PEOPLE!! I wish I had a picture with Lee! She was too busy snapping photos! :O)

Another friend who came was Denise Diaz. DENISE has been encouraging me for the past few weeks....And witnessing my hard work! It was so nice to have her there! I feel so lucky to have these people in my life!

Denise & Tee


After the race, we all hugged, said our congratulations and went our separate ways. Denise took me to lunch in the City to an amazing vegetarian restaurant- SOOOO AMAZING! I of course was craving fruits and veggies!

Eggplant, tomatoes & basil!


What an amazing day with AMAZING PEOPLE!

Lee & Denise, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!! ROB! You rocked!!!! Let's do it again soon!!!!!!


Christine said...

Soo excited for you! Congrats girl! I love following along w/ your blog and reading about your fitness journey! You inspire me to be a better me!

*ANA* said...

congrats tina!!! its feels so good to acomplish that!!!

Tori said...

Congrats girl! And, you looked great doing it - always a bonus!!!